Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye Blogspot, Hello Facebook!

Since the new year of 2009 is just around the corner, I am re-thinking my web presence. As a busy home-schooling mother, blogging on Blogspot just takes too much time. As you can tell, my blogging has started to slip. After posting 105 times in 2007, I have only posted 33 times in 2008 and have not posted in over a month. Therefore, I am saying goodbye temporarily or permanently to

and saying hello to

I am moving over to Facebook. It takes a lot less time and is easier to use and post items. I can still upload albums and notes. As Chris likes to say, Blogspot is so 2007. You will be able to find me on Facebook very easily-just search for Nancy Hamer or Nancy Lambeth and ask to be my friend. Joining Facebook is free and only takes a minute or two.
And yes! We got enough money to buy a goat, five ducks, a chicken and a set of school supplies for a classroom. Not bad for two kids. They did lots of extra jobs for Mommy and others to earn extra $$. Thanks to everyone that donated to their little project. It is something that will probably turn into a Christmas tradition!


Jana said...

Leanna was just telling me how much more "user friendly" facebook seems to be. I have a few sisters who are trying to convince me....hhmmm, we'll see.

You'll be missed in "blog-land"! :-)

Carrie said...

You WILL be missed in Blogland.

I'll look for you on Facebook, and I promise I won't invite you to join MobWars or Drag Race against me! ;)

Nancy said...

That's just hilarious Carrie! see ya on FB

sankey family said...

We'll miss you in BlogWorld.

Kelly S said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

I've joined facebook, but I hardly ever get on it. It seems so much less personable to me. You just see one sentence about someone saying they're tired or headed for bed, etc. I see facebook as more of a man thing! I miss the little stories that lets us into each others lives.

Maybe you just need a break from your blog. I hope you don't forsake it completely!

Stephanie said...

It cracks me up that I just read this post...literally two or three hours after cancelling my fb! I love blogger, and don't spend enough time on it when I'm surfing around a couple of hundred "friends" (some of whome I've never even met). So, while you're over there, I guess I'll be back over here! :) Don't forget to check us out every now and then!
p.s. I'll leave you on my blogroll just in case you change your mind. :)

Lanee M. said...

NOOOOOOO!! I'm with Stephanie, I don't like FB either. It's so unpersonable (is that a word) I too would miss your blog posts.

Oh well, maybe you'll like it better. See you Feb 12