Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbye Ike and Good Riddance!!!

It will be two weeks tomorrow that the strong winds of Hurricane Ike barreled through Cincinnati....leaving the campus without power and LOTS of clean-up.For more than two hours, we endured sustained winds of 40 mph and blasts up to 80 mph. We lost power around 2:30 Sun and finally got it back Friday sometime in the afternoon. One of the more noticeable damages, was the 3 large trees that are now missing from our neighbor's yard. This picture was taken about 45 min into the storm. So far they had only lost one tree.

The Cravens' Gold's Gym membership has certainly paid off!!

The Farmer's also lost a large tree. It actually took part of their fence and smashed the back window of a car parked on the street. Pres. Avery was one of the first on the job with a chain saw. The storm was still blasting away mind you!

The Crater's back yard.

Another tree down. They eventually lost all three trees and the fence is now gone as well. It looks so BARE!

Some siding missing on Young St.

The guys trying to get all the trailers safely into the Maintenance building.

We had already invited some couples from our church for an after-church snack. When the power went out I was determined to go ahead with my plans. I wasn't sure if I would have a way of keeping my refrigerated food, so I decided we should try to eat up what we could. We had a "Mexican" snack by candle light. It was LOTS of fun! Thanks to everyone that pitched in!

The refrigerated/freezer truck where I kept all my food. Although it was a pain to walk over there and dig out all the things I needed for a meal, I was thankful we at least had not lost any food. I have a gas stove, so I could manually light the burners and cook. And of course, we used the grill a good bit. The kids thought it was SO fun. I thought it was BORING when it got dark. Once I get the kids tucked in bed for the night, I usually stay up and tidy the house, fold laundry etc. But last week I couldn't get a thing done after dark....not even read. UGH! I hate wasting time!

Anyone want to buy a pet monkey??? He can live on bananas and be kept quite happy as long as he has a poster bed, or bunk beds, or trees to swing from!

Last week while shopping at Once Upon A Child, I was looking through all the Halloween dress up and found a really pretty dress for Lauren, who LOVES to play dress-up. I felt kind of sorry for Michael because I wanted him to have something fun and new too. Well, I found it! A Curious George Costume. He loves it way more than I thought he would. In fact, I'm sure we've gotten our money's worth out of it already. He begs for bananas...which is funny because he's never been real crazy about them before. We've gotten good laughs out of all the monkey business!


Jana said...

WOW--I can't believe how much damage that storm did!! That is terrible!!

Love Michael's monkey costume!! :-)

Kendall & Leanna said...

That was quite a storm! Michael's costume- too funny. :)

Brenda said...

We were so happy that you fed us after the storm that Sunday night - and it was delicious!! I LOVE Curious George and have never seen a costume like that - so cute!!

Martha C said...

Sometimes it pays to live only three hours from the ocean. :-) It was so hard to believe all of you guys were affected by a hurricane!

Beth Stetler said...

Unbelievable damages from the storm! Thanks for blogging.

Everyone here in Saltillo sends greetings to your husband. They speak so highly of his family. I'm sure he would see many familiar faces on my blog.

Mark said...

In case you don't read my emails, I apologize for my email to you. I thought you were someone else until I looked at your blog, and I had already sent it. I have a lot to deal with right now, and have gotten some nasty emails, and over-reacted.

Nancy said...

Mark, apology accepted. God bless.

Lisa R said...

Awesome post, Nancy! I loved scrolling down through the hurricane pics and reading your captions! Using costumes as "dress-up" clothes is a cool idea - I'll remember that when I have kids... The after-Halloween sales are probably a very good time to buy dress-up clothes. Michael looks so cute in his!