Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A very happy 4th............

We spent the weekend with my parents in McDonald PA.

Friday morning.....the kids waiting to leave for Grandmas.

Saturday morning my Dad fixed his famous pancake breakfast. Yes. You read right....my Dad enjoys cooking. His specialty is fixing pancakes. One time I asked if he could tell me what the ingredients were. To which he replied "Oh, it's just plain old pancake mix. You just add water......oh, and also some eggs, oil, baking soda(or powder...can't remember which), vanilla, corn meal, sometimes I throw in apple juice.....yeah...you get the picture. Just plain ole' mix! LOL! Anyway, not only are they VERY light and fluffy, and terrible delicious, but he also can make almost any shape the kids ask for. This time Michael got a tiger.

Lauren got Pumpkin (a cat)

Caleb really enjoyed playing with the cat, Melody. This cat is so old and lazy. Caleb got a necklace out of the toybox and draped it over the cat repeatedly. The cat put up with all the fuss quite well. She's just too old and lazy to get up and move!

Saturday evening we drove over to an old Presbyterian church. Not only is it in a pretty location, but it is very old (177?) and the surrounding grounds are well maintained. There's an old cemetary off to the side, so we enjoyed looking through that. Lauren had a lot of fun looking at the old tombstones and then informing us which American Girl was "living" during that era.

We topped the evening off with a stop for soft ice cream.

They had unique seating for kids!

Yumm.....it WAS delicious. Thanks Mom and Dad for the yummy treats!!

They even serve a special treat to dogs.


Lisa R said...

The top picture of Caleb should be put into a magazine! It's so cute :-) The pancakes sound delicious! I'd ask your dad for the recipe, but it doesn't sound like that would get me very far....

Martha C said...

I also think Caleb looks so cute in the first picture!

Tamra said...

Hello Nancy! Enjoyed your cute photos! In answer to your question, Jillian's 2 year photos were taken at Portrait Innovations.