Saturday, June 14, 2008

Michael turned six last week.

Rather than have a big party every year, we have a party every other year, and go to Chuck E Cheese instead. I LOVE Chuck E Cheese years. Not only is it easier, but I get to have fun too!

It was a good night to go....they weren't having any birthday parties....just several families scattered here and there.

Caleb was very scared of the "scary mousie". He eventually got over it as the night wore on.

As I'm sure you can tell, me and the kids LOVE skeeball. It used to be just Lauren and I that were crazy about it, but this time Michael joined in the fun too and found out he loved it!

Chris loves the basketball game....conveniently placed beside the skeeball!

Michael's look of surprise when he saw his race car cake for the first time. It was worth all the time I spent.

A bit too much black frosting!

While I was working in the kitchen the other day, Michael came in to chat and casually mentioned that he had an idea. Instead of going to Chuck E Cheese next time, he had decided he would like to go to Hawaii. Where did he get that?!? Sounded good to me as long as he's paying!

Michael was thrilled when his Grandma sent him $5. in his birthday card. He excitedly told me he was going to put it in the offering at Junior Church. I was a proud Momma!

Michael has a very funny sense of humor. Usually it has to do with thinking up silly phrases or songs. When he was 3, he used to go around singing "Come listen to my tale, of Hippie and the Whale". (on purpose)And just last week, when he got a plastic lizard from Junior Church, he quickly named it "the Lizard of Oz"!

During devotions this week, we were reading a story that involved "a couple wives". Michael quickly piped up that "that would be cool! have 2 Moms". I couldn't have been more shocked! (nor my ego more bruised!) So, we began asking him who he wanted for his other Mom. After naming probably 20 or more names, he concluded he didn't want any of those Moms....I guess he just wanted me cloned or something! I've finally recovered....I think!

It's fun to see him grow, but I can't believe he's 6 already!! Where has the time gone!?


Charity said...

Happy birthday to Michael! Kids do grow so fast! You did a great job on the cake!!

Kendall & Leanna said...

that was too funny (Michael wanting 2 moms) :)I'm glad he had a good bday. the cake looks awesome as well.

Tamra said...

Cute cake Nancy!

Martha C said...

I enjoyed this post about Michael; he is such a kind boy! I also had to chuckle about the 2 Moms comment he made, and I think I would probably be a little hurt at first, too. :-)
By the way, I never made it to IKEA. Silas was too wore out, and I knew I would not enjoy shopping with a fussy baby.

Glen Asbury said...

We love Chuck E. Cheese, too; we are doing Carli's party there in a couple of weeks, and we went last year, too. She loves it, it is affordable and they do all the work!

Les said...

He's looking so grown up in those pictures!

snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

You did a great job on your cake!! It looked like Michail really enjoyed it!!