Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Fall Days!

Happy Fall! Yes. I'm way behind in blogging again I know. We've just been busy with the usual, outings, housework(ugh) and unfortunately, blogging just doesn't rank very high on my list of priorities. Rather, it seems to be falling lower and lower.....but I'll try to do better :) maybe!

One of our last nice evenings outdoors, Chris asked Caleb to "jump" off the wall into his outstretched arms.

Ready to jump!

One of our play days with some good friends. (Brianna, Warren. Daniel and Bethany)They used to work here at GBS, but recently moved. We became good friends and the children have spent MANY happy summer days together. Since we home school, I try extra hard to make sure I schedule fun days with other home schoolers such as this to break up the monotony a little. I'm always happy to get together with friends and chat as well!

Last Tuesday, I took the kids down to the gym and "taught" them about the voting process.
I tried to let them help me as much as possible.

Dressed up after church.

Today as we were walking to the park, I decided to take advantage of the neighbors beautiful yard full of leaves. This should bring back memories for some bloggers in SC. :)

Headed down the path into the woods...I am one blessed Mom! I am so grateful for our three healthy, growing, learning children!

The Farmer's beautiful tree.

After walking home from the park, we noticed that our neighbors had their puppies out....all 17 of them! The kids had a blast. It was really fun for them....and my two older ones used to be scared of dogs. But I think today changed that! BTW, our neighbors buy these pups to resale at a profit, so we are enjoying them while they have them. They are some kind of Terrier....not sure of the name.


Jana said...

Enjoyed the update and all the pics!! Isn't fall just a beautiful time of year??!! Your kids are growing so fast--very cute!!!

dorcas said...

Your kids are so adorable. I love that picture of them walking together in the woods. So sweet! The picture of Caleb getting ready to jump off the wall to his Daddy is one that could almost make a person cry. They are so trusting aren't they?

Kendall & Leanna said...

Loved looking at all the pictures especially the one of Caleb with the puppy. I remember when Lauren & Michael were that age they wouldn't go near a dog. Caleb is definitely the fearless one. :)

Brenda said...

I loved these pictures! Farmer's tree is so pretty. Caleb looks so grown up in the 2nd picture and I love the one of the 3 of them walking into the woods too.

Martha C said...

How well I remember those leaves!